SecuraCart Support

What is Stripe?

Stripe is the global leader in online payment processing. They are the most secure and innovative payment processor in the world, and that is why we proudly run on Stripe.

Stripe processes billions in payments each year for thousands of companies worldwide, including Fortune 500 companies. For US based accounts, Stripe charges 2.9% + $.30 for credit/debit card payments.

Visit Stripe or register for an account.

How do we use Stripe?

Below are the ways SecuraCart interacts with your Stripe account:

  • Requesting account access tokens to create/read data we have added to your account.

  • Requesting one-time use secure credit card tokens to protect your customer's data during payment.

  • Generating test tokens so you can do live testing on your forms with no down-time.

  • Generating new charges in Stripe. Every charge is accessible via Stripe's dashboard, includes metadata with the product title, email used during checkout, as well as SecuraCart listed as the source.

  • Requesting Stripe charges created by SecuraCart to generate tables and display data inside the SecuraCart app that show you information about account activity.

SecuraCart does not have permissions to view any data about charges that were not created by SecuraCart, through your authorized account.