SecuraCart Support

Change published status

To change the status of a product from published to draft (or vice versa) follow the instructions below. Saved changes will take effect immediately.

Product status

A product's status is set to either:

  • Published: Product is accessbile to your customers and can accept payments.

  • Draft: Product is only visible to you for testing.

Find and change the status of a product

To find and publish/draft a product:

  • 👉 Click Products in the sidebar navigation.

  • 🔍 Find your product in the table.

  • 👉 Click the options button ("...") on the far right of the product.

  • 🔍 Select "Publish/Unpublish product" from the dropdown to trigger the status modal.

  • ✅ Click "Publish/Unpublish" to toggle the status.